Why You Need A Pair of Gardening Gloves?

Well-designed gardening gloves are highly recommended- exceptionally if you're handling heavy-duty while gardening, such as prickles and thorns.

Garden Gloves can increase the pleasure of gardening. Gardening is a relaxing and enjoyable leisurely activity. There are five critical factors why you need gardening gloves.


Key Factors

  • Protect yourself from skin infection 
  • Protect yourself from the hand injury
  • To create flexibility and skillfulness for users
  • Weather and Temperature Protection
  • Different gloves can satisfy your gardening needs 


Protect yourself from skin infection

Well-designed gardening gloves can protect your skin from direct contact with soil. A study from The University of Queensland shows soils contain pathogenic bacteria that may cause severe skin infection. For instance, the bacteria (Burkholderia pseudomallei), which can cause the condition of melioidosis, could cause intermittent fever, headache and difficulty breathing (Blaskovich, 2018). You can protect your hand while handling soil or compost with well-quality gloves.


Protect yourself from injury

Gardening gloves act as a second skin of your hand, protecting you from getting hurt. Gloves are essential to increase your hand safety from cuts, punctures and abrasions. While gardening, you may get physical injuries from insects, sunburns, sharp gardening tools, over-exertion, allergies and strains. While selecting gardening gloves for relatively heavy-duty, choose gloves with reinforced padded patch palms, which can create an extra protective layer to protect your hand.


Rose with Thorn

Image: Rose with Thorns 

To create flexibility and skillfulness for users.

With arm-fitting, gardening rubber gloves help users quickly access the plants and necessary tools without tangling. In other words, gardening gloves can give you a protective layer to increase your flexibility and skillfulness.

 For instance, if you use Long Sleeve Gardening Gloves while planting a rose, you can protect your arms from the thorn. 



Weather and Temperature Protection

Under the severity of the weather, garden gloves are recommended. An appropriate 

 garden glove can protect your hands from sunburn, freezing or getting wet. Garden gloves can prevent direct skin exposure to sunlight and the weather. Under hot weather, breathable material can reduce sweating and increase the pleasure of gardening.


Different gloves can satisfy your gardening needs.

Selecting different-purpose garden gloves can enhance the performance and enjoyment of gardening. Different gardening gloves can have other specifications for a variety of purposes. For instance, long sleeve gloves can protect your arms while taking care of plants with thorns. Gardening gloves with vinyl-coated dots palm can improve gripping and be water-resistant, which can avoid slipping while holding gardening tools.



Hence, a high-quality and well-designed gardening glove is essential for gardening. You can protect yourself from physical injury and infection. Also, you can enhance gardening enjoyment and performance with suitable, high-quality gardening gloves. 

My next blog will discuss "How to choose the best gardening gloves?". Stay tuned, and thank you for reading. 







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