Morewell DAISY PINK Series I Rose Embroidery Gardening Gloves

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Looking for a versatile and comfortable pair of gloves that can handle all your light-duty tasks? Look no further than our Garden Gloves! These gloves are perfect for gardening, home projects, outdoor maintenance, and DIY work, making them a must-have for any homeowner or handyman.

The gloves feature a stretch polyester with beautiful rose embroidery on the back that adds a touch of style to your gardening routine. The reinforced, padded, breathable synthetic leather palm provides additional protection, ensuring your hands stay safe while working. Additionally, the gloves have a breathable cotton layer to absorb sweat, ensuring your hands stay dry and comfortable.

Plus, they have an extra protective layer over the major fingers; at the same time, they provide a touchscreen function that allows you to use your touchscreen devices without removing gloves, making them a practical choice for any task. The elastic band wrist keeps the gloves snug and secure, keeping dirt and debris out while you work.

And, with the SNAPUP™ snap button pull tab, you can easily attach them to your belt, backpack, tool bag or even snap them together when not in use. This feature makes them easy to store and transport, ensuring you always have them within reach when needed.

With their stylish and comfortable design, touch screen function, and SNAPUP™ snap button pull tab, our Garden Gloves are the perfect choice for anyone who wants to work in style and comfort.

Order yours now and make your gardening and light-duty tasks easier and more enjoyable!

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