WINTERGREENS | All Weather Water Resistant Gardening Gloves

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Wintergreen Gardening Gloves by MOREWELL

Looking for a pair of gloves that can handle more than just digging and planting? The Wintergreen Gardening Gloves are your go-to choice for a range of activities—be it gardening, home chores, outdoor maintenance, or DIY projects. Designed with versatility in mind, these gloves offer you the freedom to go beyond the garden.

All-Weather Comfort

Made from stretch cotton woven fabric, these gloves are lined with warm fleece, making them perfect for all weather conditions. Whether it's a sunny day in the garden or a chilly afternoon in the shed, your hands will thank you.

Water-Resistant Design

While they are not entirely waterproof, these gloves offer a degree of water resistance that will keep your hands dry during light watering or unexpected rain showers.

Enhanced Grip

The palm area is coated with vinyl dots to provide you with that extra grip you need when handling tools or slippery items. Never lose your grip on things that matter.

Snug and Clean

A shirred elastic band at the wrist ensures a snug fit while also keeping out dirt and debris. Your hands remain clean and agile for any task at hand.

Stay Connected

With touch screen functionality, you can easily use your smartphone, tablet, iPhone, or other touchscreen devices without the inconvenience of removing your gloves.

SNAPUP™ for Convenience

Our unique SNAPUP™ snap button pull tab allows for multiple uses. Easily snap the gloves onto belts, backpacks, or tool bags for quick access, or snap them together so you never lose a pair.

Whether you're an amateur gardener, a home maintenance enthusiast, or someone who loves outdoor action, the Wintergreen Gardening Gloves are designed with you in mind, delivering both functionality and comfort.

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