WINTERGREENS PLUS | Extra Warming Water Resistant | Gardening Gloves

Size: 7/S
Color: Olive Green
Sale price$29.99



The All-Rounder for Your Outdoor Needs

Looking for a versatile glove that goes beyond the garden? Meet our Wintergreen Gardening Gloves, expertly designed for light-duty tasks, from gardening and home maintenance to outdoor activities and DIY projects.


Stay Warm, Work Smart

Crafted from padded polyester and lined with warm fleece, these gloves keep your hands cozy even on the coldest days. Don't let winter hinder your productivity; tackle your chores in comfort and style.


Grip, Don't Slip

The palm area features vinyl-coated dots that enhance your grip, making it easier to hold onto tools, planters, or anything else your tasks demand. Now you can handle slippery objects with ease.


Perfect Fit, Dirt-Free

With a shirred elastic band at the wrist, these gloves offer a snug fit that removes dirt and debris, providing a clean and comfortable working experience.


Stay Connected

Gone are the days when you had to remove your gloves to use your devices. The Wintergreen Gardening Gloves come with touch-screen capability, so you can effortlessly operate your smartphone, tablet, or iPhone without removing gloves.


Snap and Go with SNAPUP™

These gloves feature our unique SNAPUP™ snap button pull tab and offer multiple uses and easy storage. Simply snap them onto belts, backpacks, or tool bags for quick accessibility or pair them together to keep them as a set.


Whether planting in your garden or fixing things around the house, the Wintergreen Gardening Gloves are your go-to pair for various activities. They combine functionality with comfort, making them an indispensable part of your tool kit.


We'd love to hear your thoughts on our Wintergreen Gardening Gloves. Your feedback helps us continually improve our products to meet your needs better.




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