SUNFLOWER BASIC Gardening Gloves I Pack of 2 | Pink Leaf

Size: 8/M
Sale price$14.99


Introducing Sunflower BASIC Garden Gloves - the multi-purpose gloves for all your light-duty gardening, home, outdoor, maintenance, and DIY work needs. This pack comes with two pairs of printed pink gloves, featuring a leaf-like pattern that's both stylish and functional.

Made from breathable cotton, these gloves will keep your hands cool and comfortable even during the hottest summer days. The PVC dots on the palm provide an excellent grip, ensuring you have full control over your tools and materials. The slip-on cuff and shirred elastic band wrist keep your hands fit and dirt-free, so you can work with ease and without worrying about dirt and debris.

Whether you're pruning roses, planting flowers, or working on your latest DIY project, Sunflower BASIC Garden Gloves have got you covered. Order your pack of gloves today and get ready to enjoy the comfort, style, and functionality of these fantastic gloves.

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