Morewell Plant Grow Bags (3 pcs ) | Potato Bag | Fabric Pot

Size: 24L
Sale price$30.99


Get your green thumb ready with our Plant Grow Bag, designed to help your plants thrive! Made from breathable and durable fabric, this bag allows air to enter the root system, promoting better plant health and growth.

Not just for flowers, this grow bag is perfect for a variety of root plants like potatoes, carrots, beets, garlic, and more. The movable window lets you easily observe the growth cycle and harvest without disturbing the soil and roots, ensuring maximum protection for your plants.

Our grow bag is portable and comes with reinforced handles on the side, making it easy to move and perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Plus, the eco-friendly non-woven fabric material prevents overwatering and allows your plants to absorb nutrients more efficiently.

Choose between our two size options: M (30cm diameter x 35cm height) with a 24L/7-gallon capacity, or L (35cm diameter x 40cm height) with a 37L/10-gallon capacity.

Package includes three plant grow bags, making it a great gift option for any occasion, such as housewarmings and workplace events. Get yours now and give your plants the perfect home to flourish in!

Each pack includes three plant grow bags in different colours, making it easy for you to distinguish between various plants if you're cultivating more than one type simultaneously.


Package Includes: 3 different colours* Plant Grow Bag  

Product Condition: 100% brand new

Product Material: Non-woven Fabric 








24 L/ 7 Gallons




37 L/ 10 Gallons


1. Due to light/ monitor, the actual colour of the product may differ from the picture

2. Due to manual measurements, please allow slight differences in the product sizes

Thank you for being so understanding. 

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